Welcome to Work!

June 13, 2008

I decided that I finally had to start writing some of the great stuff that I get to do down somewhere. This looks like a pretty good place to start so hang on for a minute and I will start to blog some stuff. 🙂 First, let me explain why I decided to use wordpress. As a web developer, I have to admit that my first reaction to almost anything is ‘lets write a new one’ but today I decided to give wordpress a try. So far, I like it a lot.

You should also know that I recently hurt my middle finger on my left hand, so I am blogging much slower than usual. If I create a gardening category, maybe you will get the scoop on how I hurt my finger. Its a pretty funny story.

So why do I need a blog?  Recently I started a new task at work and I was asked to document it well.  I have been taking notes on a paper tablet with the goal of eventually typing it up somewhere.  (Once again, the middle finger on the left hand.)  Anyway, I have about 4 days worth of blogs on paper and I cant keep it up.  Its got to go somewhere.  So thats why I need a blog and maybe well find out that I have a lot more to say.  I’m excited to talk about my planes and inventions (ideas)  and I may even show you my metal work.

Welcome again to my blog.  I hope you enjoy it.

My blog has moved to my home page.  Please visit www.bryantlarsen.com